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I feel that certain content contains inappropriate or illegal content

At Ology, we do our best to prevent inappropriate and illegal content from being published on our site. However, it is possible that you notice something that we have missed. If you feel content is inappropriate or illegal, you can report this by going to the content page, selecting "Take action" => "This content is not OK". An editor will take action and review the content.

Do you have a mobile version?

Yes. You can access the mobile version through

Eu sou um estudante de medicina. Posso ter acesso ao Ology?

Right now, Ology is only for licensed physicians. We are considering the options for allowing students limited access and are open to suggestions. Let us know what you think!

Eu sou um paciente. Posso falar com os médicos através Ology?

Ology is not intended to let patients discuss directly with physicians.

I tried to add a user to my network and got the message "You cannot add this user to your network"

This can happen if you either invited too many users on a single day or when your user account doesn't have the rights to add certain types of users. Contact us if you're interested in reaching users with your message.

What is that orange icon on the map?

This represents your address on the map. You can change the location under "My account" => "Edit profile". When you are entering a classified, it can also represent your current location if you select "Use my current location".

I have uploaded a photo, but it doesn't get shown?

When you upload a photo, the system processes it and distributes it across several servers. This can take from a few up to 10 seconds. You can just continue. Don't 'worry. You will see it appear automatically. Or you could reload a few times until you see it appear.

I want to upload a photo or video in order to discuss a case?

The easiest way to upload photos is through the eDiagnosis functionality. You can also copy and paste an image url directly into the discussion form.
If you want to show a video, just copy and paste the video url into the discussion form. For various video platforms the video will be automatically displayed. For video platforms that we do not support, we will show a link to the video.